In-house Powder Coat line is saving our customers time, money.

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Why is doing more in-house a good idea?

Because having the capacity to do more in-house tends to streamline production and save on cost. Our in-house powder coating line is no exception. We have seen reduced lead times, and production costs on powder coated parts, and the reasons are simple.

In-house Powder Coating saves time and money!

Whenever we have to send parts out for an outside process time is lost. Time packaging, time loading on a truck. Time waiting for the truck to deliver to the supplier. The supplier’s lead times. Once the supplier delivers to us, we need to unload/ unpack the parts, then inspect them. If there is a problem, the whole process starts over again. Every time the part is touched its more labor time. As we all know, time is money. On top of the wasted time, we can remove the margin that the supplier needs to add to keep their business profitable.


To me the biggest benefit that comes from our in-house line, is the customer service that comes from it. We know how important overall lead time is to our customers, and we know how huge it is when a supplier can pull an order in when the customer is in a bind. With our in-house line we can move production around to fit a job in to get parts to a customer faster and without having to rely on someone else’s production load, or their expensive expedite fees. With us reducing our cost we are able to pass the savings on to our customers.