Metalcrafters has been providing our business with custom parts for over 5 years. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality parts with minimum lead times has made them one of our most trusted and preferred business partners. Amidst the ever-changing economy, pandemic, and logistic challenges, Metalcrafters has been able to keep our costs manageable without compromising the quality of the product. We can always trust Metalcrafters to be there for us for quick turn-around custom parts with their reliable, responsive, dedicated inside sales team.

 - Amy K., Warehouse Logistics

“The Customer Service Team is very strategic and engaged with us. Metalcrafters ensure our needs are understood and met”.

- Mary M., Telecom

“Metalcrafters has been a valued supplier for many years. We rely on their commitments and they have always come through“.

 - Fred S., Medical OEM

“Our products require high quality defect free finishes. Metalcrafters meets our expectations and delivers what we pay for”.

- Sarah T., Security

"Metalcrafters Project Managers are easy to work with, and always a pleasure to talk to every day. Would highly recommend working with them."

- Melissa R., Contract Manufacturer

"Working with Metalcrafters has been a refreshing experience. They are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and work non- stop to support our ever changing needs. Juggling multiple parts for us, they try to keep up with our constant “flag waving in a hurricane” demand changes and do a great job with all the pushing and pulling".

 - Lorna D., Contract Manufacturer

“Metalcrafters engineering group redesigned our core product saving us a significant amount of money. They look for cost saving opportunities on every job we give them”.

- Walter D., Medical OEM

“I have been working with Metalcrafters for over 10 years. Their commitment to quality, on time delivery and service is why we keep using them. They have become a very valued business partner”.

 - Stan K., Industrial Manufacturer

Metalcrafters team is the best. Our concerns are their concerns and they do what is necessary to ensure we are a satisfied Customer”.

- Ron S., Telecom

"Metalcrafters is a fantastic supplier. Top notch customer service and quality”.

- Rob D., Contract Manufacturer