Metalcrafters Purchases Virtek 3D Laser Inspection System

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Taking Quality to the Next Level

Our Virtek 2D and 3D laser inspection systems allow us to attain better and unbiased results, while eliminating the need for long inspection times and human error. With a few clicks of a mouse we get automated and enhanced reporting and data collection and minimizes downtime on our punches and lasers.

Top of the line rapid sheet metal inspection system.

The “Laser QC AFM 3D” inspection system has all the functionality of our current 2D laser, but also has the ability to rapidly inspect three dimensional parts. This 3D laser system can measure heights, raised features, edge-to-edge or hole-to-hole on interior flanges. The AFM 3D system virtually allows us to measure any formed feature we can measure with a caliper, height gauge or a digital protractor with the simple click of a mouse.

Metalcrafters continues to expands its’ inspection capabilities to ensure accuracy and improved quality assurance.